Use with the cli 3

With Vue CLI 3, developers can now create a working environment in minutes. Just do vue create myProject and you are ready to code VueJs. Better, it can help you get started with styleguidist.


To add styleguidist to the mix just do in your app's directory.

vue add styleguidist

Vue Styleguidist will configure itself and add a couple examples to get you started. It will immediately set up the webpack config, Hot Module Reloading and a sample styleguide for you to browse. You can modify the styleguide.config.js to make the styleguide look like what's needed.

Note If you wish to use styleguidist with the CLI but without the plugin, it is not impossible. Just install styleguidist normally. It is not officially supported though.

You might have to remove the HMR from the CLI yourself as it conflicts with styleguidists HMR. You might just end up on an infinite HMR loop. See issue 290

Vue UI

Vue Styleguidist is compatible with the Vue UI so if you want to configure styleguidist through a graphical interface, open a console and run the following command.

vue ui

In the plugins configuration, you will find switches to configure your styleguide.